Fiberglass Insulated Cable

The Fiberglass Insulated Cable of our company is well-established in the market for its brilliant performance. These are made from the premium quality fiber glass. These are very much efficient in transmitting high frequency signals. The Fiberglass Insulated Wires are made using the latest sophisticated technology to ensure low loss during the transmission. To meet the numerous requirements of various industries, these Fiberglass Insulated Cables are available with different specifications. We are among the prominent Fiberglass Cables Suppliers India.


Tear Resistant

The structure of insulation is oriented biaxially. Propagation of tear is difficult. Uniaxial orientation makes it easy to tear the insulation along the axis of wire.

Dielectric Strength

The multiple layer construction of Mylar insures high di-electric quality of insulation. Any flaw is limited to a single layer of the tape. The wrapping and braiding process Places the Insulation concentrically around the conductor and does not force it into the interstices between the conductor.

Higher Cut Through And Abrasion Resistant

Maficon Insulation is remarkable resistant to cut through and scrap abrasion. Thin cross sections of Mylar 0.004” to 0.005” Thick wall ensure greater cut through stress and general abuse then 0.010” to 0.020” of insulation such as PVC, Nylon jacketed PVC and others.

High Tensile Strength

Maficon Insulations adds significantly to the tensile strength of the insulated conductor through the mechanism of load transfer because the insulation has such superior break strength. It will support the wire at each point where excessive stretching occurs. Wire insulated with conventional material will break since there is no support from the insulation.

Working Temperature
  • For short periods 155 c.
  • Continuous 130 c.
Higher Flexlife

The insulation is produced by synthetic film and fibre. It has very high flex life in comparison to any other insulating material.

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